Installing gold valves in klx 300 shock

I am thinking about going the rest of the way and putting the gold valves on front and rear, since I have the springs I want now. Planet klx has an article about installing the gv's in the forks, but what about the shock? Is this something that I can do at home?? I don't currently have a spring clamp or nitrogen canister, so will this prevent me from doing the job myself??


Great to hear that you are going to try to do the work. It's not real difficult.

The Goldvalve comes with good instructions. You don't need a spring clamp. To remove the shock spring, just unwind the same adjusters that you use to set the sag. After you get the shock back together and bleed the air out of it, you could bring it to a cycle shop and have them pressurize it with 150 lbs of nitrogen.

Wrench on


Awsome brewster!! Thanx as usual!! I'm gonna tackle it myself. I'm mechanically inclined and do all my own repairs, but sometimes special equipment is required that I just don't have. I'm glad to hear that racetech has put together a good kit that an adventurous mechanic can tackle! :naughty::naughty:


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