I did it!! KLX300 came home

Hello All,

I went and picked up the new bike for me this friday. I had a chance to cruise around on it at the guys property I bought it from. Its super clean and bone stock.


His 11 year old son proceded to show me how to ride on his YZ90. Man that little guy could rip :naughty: . They where a really nice family of riders. The Dad who rode the bike I bought said he wanted something lighter and is going to get a YZ250F.

I figure I will leave it stock until I get used to it beings this is my first dirt bike.

Thanks to all here that responded with helpful advice and hints. I am sure I will be posting more in the future.

Ride Safe,


That's what I'm talking about. Sweet bike, the only thing that you don't need to keep stock would be the suspension. Perhaps the previous owner has already adjusted them. It makes a world of difference.

Congrats on the new bike.


Sweet!!! :naughty:

My bike is near and looks completely stock with the exception of protection items. Tusk Handguards and Under-Carriage skid plates and you're ready for the trails. :naughty:

You're going to love it.

Awesome!! Congratulations. It looks great. :naughty::naughty:

I can tell you from experience that you'll find nothing but outstanding help from our fellow KLX riders. Lots of good advice and experience. When you're ready to start modding. Let us know.. we can help!!!


2004 KLX 300R, Free Mods, Dynotjet, FSW Header, Big Gun Race Series Exhaust, MooseRacing Handguards, Works connection frame guards, White Bros filter, Pro Taper Bars, Ceet Gripper cover, Dunlop 773 Rear

HEY!!!!!!!! Wipe that smile off your face! :naughty::naughty: Way top go!!

Sweet! It looks like we think alike. I also have a 2002 FZ1 and a klx300! Seems we both buy stuff that is practical, and bad ass! You are gonna love that klx. When you get used to it in stock form, it will have all the umph you need after a few mods. Oh, and by the way I live in Washington too... Bellevue, WA to be exact. :naughty:

That thing is gorgeous ! Good luck keeping it that way :naughty: Be safe & have a blast !

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