doug henry

You did end up winning, and we’ve heard bits and pieces about how it went. Can you give us a blow-by-blow race summary?

Well, I got off to a mid-pack start, and I was working my way up. But you see guys going into the woods every which way, and I thought there was a pack that got away, so I kept motoring along. I couldn’t see them anymore. My thought was, “I’ll never catch them.” When I came around on the first lap, I yelled to my pit crew, “What place am I in?” They told me second! Not too far into the second lap, I caught first, and I was thinking, “Okay, good, there’s the leader.” At the end of that lap he had to pit and I didn’t because I borrowed a bigger tank. On the third lap I pitted and had a 16-second lead on the Finnish guy, Juha Salminen. I decided to get a drink and eat something. As I was taking off, he was right behind me, and we started to battle. I finally got out front again and took the win.

man i think it is awsome for him to come out for the first time and win! not so often you see that in a GNCC.

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