Go Girl !!!!!!!!!

been so busy this spring that today was first time for pooper to ride this year..SVI_0001.jpg

2nd time on bike,and almost 15 min of time without dad on back of bike


Where did pooper and bike go??????????


She told me she didnt crash,said she just got tired and layed down :D:D:D


she did very good,the old DS 80 is almost to tall for her,but she did great,she was even determined to start bike herself :naughty: I held bike up and she fought for a good 10 minutes to get it started but wouldnt let me help :naughty: when it finally came to life she was almost as proud as the old man,she did real well with clutch and shifting from nuetral into 1st,tried to go to 2nd a couple times but got caught in nuetral and stopped bet she'll get it figgured out next time.....

Congrats Pops! Riding with the kids is great. Terrifying at times, but great.

That's great! How old is she, if I might ask?

Hehehe, that last pic was funny! Hope she is having fun :naughty:

That's great! How old is she, if I might ask?

She is 8 going on 21 :naughty: The girl has no fear :naughty: I swear she has bigger nads then me and both my boys all put together :D

It is just a old 1980 DS 80 I picked up last fall for real cheap to see how interested she would realy be in riding,got it running good last winter and gathered up all the plastic on ebay,so after she rides it a couple more times I'll put on the good plastic..

I think after a couple monthes,I'll try and find her a nicer bike and keep the old turd for me a pitbike..

She is realy wanting to try and race,hopefully I'll find enough time to take her riding a couple times a week,so she can hopefully try a hare scramble or two with the old man later this year...I am beting if she keeps as excited about riding as she is right now she'll be kicking my butt within a year :D

She is too cute. Poor little punkin with a nick name like Pooper. LOL! So great you have something fun to share with her. :naughty:


My 10 year old has officially stated that she would like to race sometime with me too. :naughty: She just tried riding an old XR100 for the first time a week ago, was a bit frustrated with sand, but after watching the old mom race this weekend, she now has a goal. :naughty:

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