Great new, bad news, somewhat scary news...

WELL, a week or soago i tried to check the valves, i concluded that the intakes were .001 too tight and the exhaust were at 0. sooo i take the bike in to the shop and they tell me that the intakes were loose but in spec and the exhaust were tight but still in spec. They adjusted the exhaust (didnt cost anything more) so its all good. Bad news, I paid 130 bucks for them to basically tell me that they are in spec and my spark plug is dirty... o well. When i took the bike in the first time (a few days before my apt), i had no seat/tank on and they said it would be better to have it on so they can test ride it. So i get it on and take it the next day with it all together. Today when i pick it up and its on the trailer, the guy goes over the bike and says, wait a sec, unload it. I look down, the spark plug cap isnt on. sooo 20 minutes later they bring the bike back out and start it up. My question, if they needed to start up (y they didnt want it tankless), but uhh. im thinking if they wanteed to start it up but forget something as easy as that. which makes me wonder how good the valve job was...(sorry if the last part was confusing, im in a rush)

You could put an end to this shop BS if you did the valve checks and adjustments yourself. It's just another job to them, and no one cares more about your bike than you do.

What he said :naughty:

I agree buy the service guide, take your time and do it your self. You will find it is easier than you thought and gives you the satisfaction of doing it yourself. You will feel much more at ease with any future issues after "getting your feet wet". Also you have a great resource here at TT to get help when you need it. Spend your labor money on some good quality tools to help make the jobs easier.


ya i checked the damn things 3 times before taking it in. I dont know what i am doing wrong (dont tell me now, ive already been told just about everything) ill just take pictures next time and see if yall can help me figure it out.

Were you on top dead center compression?? I'm guessing you were on TDC exhaust.

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