which ishock? the one for crf50 or crf70?

I have a thumpstar 120 and want to buy a new ishock for my bike because the stock one sucks and i bottom out on everything. I dont know what to choose, the crf50 one or the crf70. The crf50 one looks longer but the crf70 one looks tougher. Let me know if you have and knowledge on these shocks.


have a look at the Ishock range, they will be best for u, they are very nice shocks

I havent seen that. Where do I look. I can get the ones I listed off for cheap that is why I was asking about those.

the 70 ishock is a much better shock. the 50 ishock does have more travel, but the 70 is valved so much better, its worth the cut in travel. it is pretty stiff though, you will probably need their soft spring...

Would you recommend the soft even if I am doing big jumps? I really dont want to bottom out. Thanks for the reply

well you could always just try the standard spring and see how it feels...

I Shock recomends the one for the crf 70 im thinking they sell for $349.I just ordered one for a customer of mine.

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