Drz 125l suspension

I know there have numerous posts about this, About the rm 100 forks fitting on the drz but i am still unclear about this. What forks and swing arms are bolt on to the drz 125, because i am looking to upgrade my bike. I want to race and go for bigger jumps.

What exhaust is really worth purchasing. Is the frame cradle really necessary I'm very confused :naughty: Thanks for your help Kurt

I suggest aftermarket springs for shock and forks.I did this mod on my daughters bike ,and it made a huge difference in ability to take big hits jumping, also much cheaper than fork and swingarm swap.

anyone else?

i have cr 85expert forks on mine they bolt right on i made a brake caliper mount so that i could use the stock caliper just had to weld a tab on the hole spacing is not the same you use the stock wheel spacers but need the cr axel the stock one is not long enough then put a moose braided brakeline on from a 2003rm85 the shifter i just welded the stock shifter on the part that is on the motor as far as the pipe goes i am sold on engines-only i have his 190 motor kit and flat-slide carb it is the bomb also his pipe the stuff works great not one single glitch and frank the owner is a great guy to work with total A+++ HIS WEB SITE IS XR100.COM

ur lookinj at a lot of money and a lot of work, just get the springs

or get a bike designed for jumping... you are tryn to make a moped work like a motoX bike....IMO... my wife has an 03 and I wouldn't think of putting a penny extra into it, it is what it is.... a moped with dirt tires...

Yeah, I think BBR makes suspension mods for this bike, and from what I have heard about the BBR setups on other bikes, they work great. The website is www.bbrmotorsports.com

Trick DRZ,

You said you had the cr85 forks on your bike. Do you have pictures of it? If so, can you please e-mail them to me at dirttrackin280h@aol.com


I have kx100 forks on the front, and a cr85 rear shock. works great.

Exhaust, get the big gun.

Get a frame cradle if you are going to jump...............or weld a lower frame on to it.

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