So you want to change your tires.........

Well, bought a rear Kenda Trackmaster II and an MT83 Scorpion front for my new '05 DRZ400S. Self sufficiency is the key to success so now I'm going to change my tires. Off to the Farm Supply to get some spoons. 16"ers with some nice big heads. These ought to do. After reading MANY posts for help and technique on TT I'm ready. Get the front off with no problem. Actually mount one side of the MT83 with ease though MUCH stiffer. Now the fight starts. I soap it, warm it, pray to it and it won't go on all the way. I'm new to this so I don't want to pry too much. This went on for two evenings and I'm not giving up. But then I hear about a Harbor Freight tire changer. I justify that if I change tires three times, it will pay for itself. I buy it, mount it in my shop, and off I go. I'm running the bead on one side so easy and thinking this is the cat's meow. Then I notice that as I am setting on one side, it's popping off the opposite side. Fought that contraption for two hours.

Now my last resort is to bug my neighbor. He has a DRZ400E and I know he has changed a tire or two. He pulls out these small 8" spoons from Motion Pro and says let's go try it. Within 5 minutes of getting to my house, the front is mounted. :naughty: We pull the rear and mount within a half hour.

Moral to the story.

1. That tire WILL stretch around that rim-really.

2. The small spoons made for motorcycle wheels seem to work the best. I think mine were for tractor tires.

3. Lot's of soap.

4. Take little bites.

5. Just because you spend more money on something, it does not necessarily work better.

6. Watch someone do it first before you try.

This was all advice on TT in one form or another. Should have listened.

Time to ride......


the tire wont stretch if it does u broke the wire. the bead has has to be in the center of the rim where the diameter is smaller. bigger tire spoons are always easier.

.......just a figure of speech for those who try and don't think it will go on. :naughty:

Changing tires is an art form. Much practice is key. You can pull thise tires harder thatn you think. Just make sure the bead is in the center of the rim on the opposite side of the tire that you are working on and pull like a son of a b*&ch!!

Good Luck!!!

2 people is easier than 1! My bro helped me wrench em on and we had no problem at all for a coupla guys who had never done this before.

And don't let to much air out of the tube there is no need to take out the valve stem. I have to agree two people are better than one even if you use your wife. A hand on the spoon is better than hooking it on the sprocket.

I've been battling and losing tire changes my entire bike career. Lately a new indie shop opened up near me offering mount & balance for $10. Since I have an S, I need the balance which the other shop charges $10 for so I figure I get the mount for free.

I"ve even had irons flip out and hit me in the face. I figure how much does a new tooth cost?

I believe scientists have now discovered a gene responsible for manual tire changes, unfortunatly is it recessive so unless your mother and father could do it your out of luck :naughty:

Lately a new indie shop opened up near me offering mount & balance for $10.

Wow, $10 for mount & balance.... Around here it's closer to $35 to mount & balance a tire....

this post scares me. :naughty: I have some Dunlop 606's that should be here this week and was thinking about trying my hand at tire changing since the crooks around here want like $45 bucks a tire for mounting and balancing. I ordered one of those Motion Pro bead tools and a set of their tire irons and was going to have at it but now i'm thinking twice about it. hmmm. I guess I can always try it and then bring them somewhere if I find myself fashioning a hangmans noose from one of the tubes. :naughty:

My two cents

The first time was a nasty piece of work took a day and a half. Second time was a little easier, it was 1/2 an hour after the first (don't ask). :naughty: Now it's not to bad if you follow the above previous guidance. :naughty:

Is there a video floating around of someone changing a tire? :naughty: I just ordered a set of 606s, now I'm too scared to put them on.

Ah, give it a shot. You can always grow new teeth and fingers.

Look someone said it right here earlier. There seem to be those who are genetically disposed to doing this and those, like me, who aren't. I had a g.f. once who had some sot of bicycle where you glue the tires to the rims. I tried this and ended up gluing the tires to my head.

If I have a decent and warm place to work, I'll tackle any work on my bikes except for tire changes. There I either go to the shop or labor swap with my buddy who seems really comfortable doing this. You gotta find out by trial which type of genetic you are.

My first tyre change went really easily thanks to this article.

Have a go if you've never tried it. You can always throw the whole deal in the back of the car and take it to a dealer if you can't get it to work. And it should cost you less because the wheels are out of the bike!


I've actually got it made when it comes to tires. My buddy Ken can swap one out in about the same amount of time it takes me to hunt and peck this message. Oh sometimes he lets me do just so he can laugh. When you change roughly 100 tires a day during the summer you get remarkably fast at it. He does love showing off and I do appreciate not hurting my back doing it myself. Oh I can do it but I'd be lying like a dirty do if I said as well as he does and he does all of his right on the shop floor. Just has the sweetest pair of spoons that fit a rim so perfect you would have to try to pinch a tube. There he's done and I got a new tire. prairiedawg :D:naughty::naughty:

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