Where can I get bar risers???

I want to get some bar risers for my 7/8 bars (yes I want to keep them), but I can't seem to find any to buy. I've heard thumper racing makes 'em, but I can't find 'em on their site. :naughty: Does any other company make 'em?? I want to get some soon..... :naughty:


Check these out.


I did a lot of research and these are the ones that I think are the best and only around $50. They not only go up but also forward. Took me about 15 minutes to install.


2002 KLX300

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moose makes them but you have to get oversized bars

If you end up getting 1-1/8" fat bars, I'd highly suggest the Tusk brand from www.rockymountainmc.com. I've put three of them on different bikes and I'm impressed with their quality and build - and to top it off - they're cheap! $35.00 or so.

Thanx guys. I'm surprised this thread surfaced again. I already solved the problem when I scored a set of taller protapers for only about $35. But thanx anyways!


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