Took the DRZ to the track!!!!

I took my DRZ S to the track this week and surprised everyone. :naughty: I took most of the lighting off and adjusted my suspention to the stiffest possible. The bike did great ( for a big heavy dual sport) :D . This guy on a CRF 450 was surprised that I passed him multiple times :D . My only complaint is that the sxuspention is way to soft (obviously). :D I want to get the suspention done and drop as much weight as possible and make this bike a full desert/track bike.

This has been talked about multipe times, but I have found no definate answer :naughty: . How light can you acually make the DRZ S by adding a kick start and dropping the bat.???? Plastic tank, kick start, no lights, re-jetted, 3x3 mod, good suspention, and a good track tire!!! That is what I want!! What are the possibilities and any estimations on cost would greatly help.

Thank you guys!!!!

Ask burned. He had his about as light weight as you'd want to go. But you'd be better off getting a bike built for that purpose.

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