Can I use a Gas Gas Hydraulic CLutch?

Looks like my Hydraulic Clutch is leaking at the handle...don't think it will be a hard fix...but I love the way my buddy's Gas Gas Hydraulic clutch's a lot easier pull...I thought I might just buy one of those instead of fixing this one...WHatcha think? Thanks, Mitch

Is it a Magura or AJT hydro Master? I think that will answer your question once you find that out.

I don't know. I do know that the GG's use brake fluid in their juice clutch and brake fluid is not a recommended fluid for the KTM system. It's said it will ruin the seals in the KTM system in short order. So I'm not sure what you'd do for fluid.

It is a Magura...As for the fluid issue...My clutch went out so I checked the was empty, but it smelled just like my wife's legs (baby oil, that is!)

You think someone would have put baby oil in there??...anyways, i am no big normally holds up for 4-5 hours riding time so as long as I check it before the ride...As for the reason of thinking about the Gas Gas...Man, those clutches feel easy to pull...would I have to chnge the clutch slave cylinder too?... :naughty:

people do use baby oil as it has the same properties as the clutch fluid but i would seriously use the KTM or motorex fluid. Also the KTMs come out with a 9mm clutch master cylinder piston but you can buy a 9.5mm and a 10mm piston which drastically alters the feel of the clutch. I would fix or replace the KTM one as it will be better for re-sale and it sounds like your clutch just need a seal kit put through can be a bit of a crappy job...

Where does that 10mm piston go.? the top or the slave cylinder at the motor.?. Thanks, Mitch

The piston size is in the MC.

If you're loosing fluid, you need to figure out where. Is there oil around the MC area, the banjo bolts, the line, etc? If you're sure there is not, it's probably the oring on the slave cyl. You need to pull it out to see it.

I use 5 or 10 wt fork oil in our KTM hyd clutches. ATF works well, too.

The MC is "Master Cylinder" right?...that's bolted onto the Handle bars...right? :naughty: I just ride'em...I wiped everything down with a

paper towel and the next morning there was fluid on the clutch drips in the floor, so I don't think it is leaking much...Where can I get one of those 10mm pistons and how much is it too? I was just gonna take it to my local KTM guy and let him rebuild it. Thanks, mitch

Im sure that the pistons are available through the KTM hard equipment system so any KTM dealer will help u.

Yes, MC is master cylinder and that's on the bars. To change piston size, you'd have to buy an entire new MC, not just a rebuild kit. Any leak is too much. From the sounds of it, you need to rebuild the MC. The kit is available from KTM and kind of pricey for what you get. Usually the only part you really need is the little cup seal but it does not come seperate so you spend $40 or so get it.

Your bike is a 520? if so it would have a 10mm, you can buy a rebuild kit ($16+ or-) or for well over a hundred you could get the MC for a newer model, 03 or 04 they went to I beleive 9mm which made it easier to pull. Also the 520 probubly has a plastic brake hose? They are prone to wear thin and leak. It takes such a tiny leak they can be very hard to find! Consider the newer KTM stainless steel line or one from Enduro Engineering.

To make it as easy as a gas gas would take softer springs in the clutch which would work fine on a smaller bike, 520 needs the springs that it has.

Mine is the 400 exc...I will check with my dealer today and see if they have a kit...OK Bigger the piston, easier the pull right?

Thanks, Mitch

No, as odd as it sounds, the smaller the piston, the easier the pull.

the smaller the piston the easier the pull as it has less surface area to act on thus bein easier to pull (or push)

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