So what's everyone running for pipes?

I am looking at the WB, Dubach, and Yosh systems. Any opinions? I am really hoping to just get a good all around increase from bottom to top.

Do you need a spark arrestor? The yosh adds nice bottom to mid, dubach pipes are pretty good not usually as much as yosh. According to my wb rep their pipes are really good if you get the e2. The ulltimate answer is the allmighty dollar.

No I race MX only no spark arrestor necessary. I am leaning towards the dubach or the white bros aluminum.

alot of guys around here are running the Leo Vince X3 pipes, i've seen both the lowboy and the standard header run. they look good and aren't as loud as most pipes out there

Im going right now to pick up a Big Gun systemat the Big Gun factory. Hoepfully try it out tomorrow or even this evening at Elsinore.

Check out this month's issue of Dirt Rider. They do a pipie shooutout. You will see that the WB Carbon Pro failed as it was over the 102db limit.

I got the Yosh TRC Pro Titanium and am happy. If I do need to go for a trail ride I can drop in the quiet core. A little pricey but the power it gives is awesome.undefined :naughty:

Dr. D

I like my bike stock, the bike has nice smooth power, I race mx and at the end of a moto I don't want a bike ripping my shoulders out of socket, I installed a quick shot this last week, It is awesome its like installing a $600 exhaust system for 88bucks!!! throttle response is awesome, the bike even idles better, unbelievable product boyesen put out!!!

I heard that what the "quick shot" does is really no different than installing a different leak jet....can anyone comment on this who knows??

I run the FMF Q2 and am very happy with it. Plus it has less then 94db woods goodness.

stock pipe, best buy you will find anywhere.

I have been running a Yosh. pipe for about three mo. now and I love it. Lots of horse power and very responsive. It increased my over reve at the top end. Down side $800.00.

The big gun works awesome and looks great. And is a few hundred bucks cheaper than the other systems... :)

My RMZ450 is the first bike I've had in years that I haven't put an after market exhaust on. I know there is a good bit of power out there that I'm missing out on (having read this months' Dirt Rider) but I just love that smooth power, not to mention, at the end of the moto I think I'm faster with that kind of power.

For those of you who are up to the challange of taming a fire breathing beast, this months' Dirt Rider has a good section on exhaust system tests. There are some very good choices. Extrapulating from the information provided by that article, it would seem that the fundamental difference between the Stock RMZ and CRF motors is the stock exhaust systems. It provides a very good example of just how much you can taylor your power delivery with your exhaust system.

stock pipe, best buy you will find anywhere.

If you read (and believe) this month's Dirt Rider, you'd think that the stock pipe has a potato stuck in it. All the pipes tested show dramatic gains on the RMZ 450, while the CRF 450 with similar pipes showed only modest gains.


If you read (and believe) this month's Dirt Rider, you'd think that the stock pipe has a potato stuck in it. All the pipes tested show dramatic gains on the RMZ 450, while the CRF 450 with similar pipes showed only modest gains.


The Dyno ran for the Dirt Rider shoot out, if you look closely, shows that the Dr. D pipe increased power through out. The Yosh pipe had a drop in the middle range.

I have the boysen quick shot on order and will probably get the Dr. D pipe.

The Boysen Quick Shot increases the throttle response, because the Suzuki does have a slight pause in its throttle response.

I do not want my RMZ450 to ripp my arms off, but I would like to make it the best it can be and still have that smooth throttle response.

My 2 cents worth!!!

I have just purchased the two brothers, and I will be doing some testing this weekend. It rated very well in the dirt rider test, but that doesn't mean much. I just want more mid-range and top. :)

Just a note. The WB pipe that Dirt Rider was testing was the best rated pipe of the bunch.It failed only due to the noise level.But as far as power through out it was hands down the best pipe.

The Leo Vince X3 ti IS THE SHIT!! the fast guys i know use it ~PAMF~

Do you guys really need more power ??? While I love to buy stuff for my bikes I haven't found any need for more power out of this bike. It's my 1st 4 stroke and I have found I am much faster on this bike than my RM250. I haven't found any instance were I am being passed becasue of lack of power as opposed to lack of skill.

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