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dark side bug

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I'm starting to get the dark side bug :naughty: I don't have the coin for 17's so I'm looking for a set of street tires to switch back and forth with my knobbies. I've been looking at the Bridgestone Battlax BT45 front and rear combo, would these be decent skins for the DRZ? I had a set of Battlax on my old VFR and they were great.

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From an earlier post, Ive had them on about a month, good tire.

I'm still testing its limits on freeway ramps, they lean over nice.

I might look for a 100/80/21, the profile on the 3.00/21 is a little tall, but still leans well.

I have a set of Cheng shen barracudas on my second set of OEM rims.

They are nice in the twisties the front is a little tall, its a 3.00/21

The rear is 130/90/18. Had them on for about a month or so now.

They grip very well, turn in fast, braking and traction are good.

Front C926, Rear C915


Someone in the SM forum recommended them a while back and they

where only $100 for the set instead of $100 per tire for some of the other choices.

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