Jet Setting

I have a yz250f 2001 bored to 262 cc, flowed cylinderhead, DOMA exhaust header, K&N air filter, and a vortex x10 ignition, i only ride on tracks where hp are important, with long straights, i continuasly twist my trotthle till 13.000 RPM, change gear and wack the trotthle again. Here are my jet settings, butt i don't know if they are ideal for my way of riding ?

Main jet : 168

Just above the main jet : 42

Under to the left of the main :72

Leakjet 105

Can anybody help me pls ???

What temps are you running in? Try going alittle bigger on the main. Then ride and see which part(s) of the powerband are still lacking. Each jet afects a different range in the powerband.

Depending on your altitude/weather conditions your main jet should be at least 178 and maybe has high as a 185. If you're winding it out like that all the time, it's worth it for you to buy a 175, 178, 180, 182 and 185 main jet and try 'em out. Probably cost you less thatn $20.

Thx for the reply guys !!

Weather is always fine, 10°C - 20°C

Alltitude ... Belgium :naughty:

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