Air Filter - Filter Skins, Anyone using them ?


Is anyone using filter skins at all, I am looking at getting them for my air filter's. They come in a pack of 3 for $32.95 Au and may seem to be good value as they are oilable, cleanable and reusable.


I've been using them for many years. On my CR250's, CRF450 and now my CRF250. They work great and anythings better than cleaning your air filter every ride.

Yes they are excellent. After practice or your first moto just rip it off and your good to go again. worth the investment for sure.

I have been using them for a few years. They work excellent. It can be a hastle to get them on the filter when it is in the air box, but that is my only complaint!

do they restrict airflow any? and could you clean them and reuse them?

i think they are just like an outerwares, yes you can clean and reuse them!

The company Outerwares now makes "outerwares" for bikes that are water resistant also.

They seem great, but wouldn't they impact the airflow at all?

Sold, thanks guys for the input, I am definately getting them, but acknowledge some difficulty in getting them on the air filter once installed.

They seem great, but wouldn't they impact the airflow at all?

They dont restrict air flow. If they do it would never be noticeable.

Okay, now a technical question, how are people putting them on their X filter ?

Do you put them on after the filter is installed ?

Because of the side entry, is that making it harder ?

Yes after the filter is on. Heres a tip. On my 250R where there is the holes in the top of the sidepanel the oval ones. I cut them back so there is more room in the airbox. It was a good move give it a try,

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