Yamaha went in swamp water what do i do to fix it

Ok... heres the deal. My 2 friends and I went riding. 1 had his own bike, the other borrowed his wives ttr 230 (2nd friend). His is on ok rider. The day was going ok until the second friend was going over these jumps and at the end of the jumps, there is a sharp turn. He wasn't expecting the turn and instead of turning the bike, he went straight into a swamp like lake, with green slime and real nasty stuff in it. The bike was submerged for at least 4- 5 minutes. We pulled it out, but of course it wouldn't start. This guy works for the telephone company so what can you really expect? anyway...

We drained the oil and it came out with water first then a milky white substance which I suppose at one stage was oil. The weird thing about this is that it keep coming out for at least an hour. We took out the air filter and once the screws were out it poured out with water. The filter had green slimy stuff over it. So my question to you is that should we continue to work on the bike and try to fix it, or should we bring to it a yamaha dealer and get it professionally repaired???? Any suggestions on how bad this is, for the bike to be this submerged, would be appreciated.

Well 1st you need to be careful and make sure you get it all out!!That means airbox,carb motor. Drain the card bowl and change the gas pull the spark plug and turn it over till no more water comes out!

Put some sort of oil in the plug hole and spin it over a few times to help out!

clean the air filter.When it does run again change the oil a few times to make sure all the gunk is out!Things like this have a way of taking a while till bad signs show up so be careful!

thanks for response.. responses from other also appreciated :naughty:

Clean carb, air filter and change oil over and over and over drain gas add new gas. Thats what it takes. When our TTR got stolen we found it in the river submerged for over 5 hours. What we had to do was to pop the header off to make sure theres no water, and kick it with out the header. Once water quits coming out... we took the plug out and put some motor oil in there (so it didn't seize) and kick it with no plug then add a little more oil. Then we put a fresh plug in and it started up after awhile. Keep changing the oil, it might take a few changes but you want the water out.

Been there a couple of times. I can't resist water.

What was said before. Air cleaner, pipe, carb, replace gas, then.

Change Oil

Run for a couple of min at idle

Repeat until oil looks good. (For me its been 4-5 times).

If you have a paper filter, you may wish to change it out with the first oil change, and then again on the last. The water can cause the paper to come apart, and go into the engine. I've never seen this, just heard about it...

as much as i would like to say it has never happend to me i can't. it has happend more then once infact but the way we fixed the bike was pretty much did a complete break down. we took apart the motor the carbs every thing till it was all dray and clean.

Flush it out with anit-freeze. It will mix with the water and carry it out when you drain it. Do it NOW!! before it has time to start rusting.

antifreeze? Hows that going to help. Just keep changing the oil.

antifreeze? Hows that going to help. Just keep changing the oil.

Does water mix with oil??no Does water mix with anitfreeze?yes. But a couple of oil changes will probably do the job well enough.

No doubt about it, you can get it running again. I pulled a five horsepower outboard off the bottom of the ocean after it sat there for a week and was able to get it running in no time. And that was salt water! If i were you i would spray everything with wd-40 including taking the plug out and spraying a bunch in the cylinder. Its important to get all the water out before you go any further. As stated before, drain the carb bowl and clean the tank out, add fresh fuel, get a new plug, clean the filter and try and fire her back up. WD-40 actually displaces water- the name stands for "Water displacement perfected on the 40th try (in case you never heard that before). This spray will actually inhibit the rust that may otherwise result from water intrusion. Of course the only way to be sure to dry everything off is to disassemble the whole bike and get at all the bearings as in the swingarm bearings and the stem and the forks etc. Good luck. :naughty:


Are you saying start the bike with antifreeze? or just pour it through?

how do you get the anti-freeze out then?


Are you saying start the bike with antifreeze? or just pour it through?

NO! Don't start the bike with anti freeze. If your bike went so far under that the bottom end it full of water then drain the oil, pour the anti freeze in the bottom end, slosh it around a bit by just pushing up and down on the forks then drain it out. It will carry out any remaining water. Then fill it with fresh oil, do all the other stuff mentioned such as cleaning the air filter and draining the carb, then fire it up. Run it a few minutes then drain the oil, fill it again and you should be good to go. The damage the water is going to do it because of corrosion. It happens fast. I hope you haven't let it sit while reading all these posts. The main thing is to get it out quik.

Oh I get what your saying. It happened to us years ago, once we got it going to seemed like it was more peppy than before. Engines seize fast so don't be afraid to bust out the motoroil.

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