ever been stuck/stranded while riding?

i know over in america you guys probably ride where there are rangers and what not, or carry some form of communication when exploring , but with me and my mates we just load up the bikes and ride..... no maps, no service on fones, no rangers and forrestry probably hasnt serviced the trails in about 10 years....

usually none of this is a concern for me and the ppl i ride with, we just get out there and ride, but the other day me and my mate went riding and went exploring on trails that weve never been down, it had been pissing down the night before and where i usually ride its rainforest type area with a lot of clay sections and clay hills, some hills are imposible to get up in the wet.

any way we went down this trail, one of the steepest trails ive been down with 4 foot ruts and some really dodgy lines and its getting late... but i had a fair idea of were the trail went but we were just going for a little ride to see what it was like coz it was getting dark, we travel bout 3 k's up the track theres a hill prity much like the one we came down no leaf litter on the sides, big rocks, wet clay and big ruts, after about about 4-5 attempts of both hills ,a front brake lever and a sore leg from kicking a flooded bike from beeing dropped a few times later i relised we were up shit creek without a paddle..... almost dark and no lights on my bike or my mates, im starting to stress...

we look thru the bush and we see a house light, U FKN BUTE!!! so we rode our bikes tru the bush carving our own track a bit and come to a fenced paddock great stuff! all we gotta do now is lift 2 bikes over a fence :|, out a few gates onto the main road and back to where we parked the car, all swee home free and with a little bit of light left :naughty:

lucky for us we were close to civilisation and were able to get out or else it would have been a long walk back or a cold night, think maybee i should get a cdma phone so i can get service out in the srub :naughty:

ive heard few stories bout ppl getting stuck/stranded/lost in the bush for a few days but do any of you guys have any stories or experiences?

hope that all made sense :/

Everyone here seems to be prepared i just go the same as you.

Where do you ride YZ?

We got sort-of lost while backpacking in the high country once after a weather system dropped a foot of snow on the trail. At the same time we started seeing more and more bear tracks and droppings. Ever since then we always carry a GPS.

With a little exageration here and there, this is the stuff good camp fire stories are made of. :naughty:

Never been stranded yet, Knock on wood.....

Always try to be prepared, but the best layed plans can backfire.....

Three friends of mine ran out of gas in the desert, when the sky is cloudy at night it can be tough to tell where you are. Being a cold winter night they dug into the sand and covered themselves to keep warm. Morning came and a rider was spotted and went to get his truck, etc.

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