Noise from behind the countershaft nut??

Since all this talk about loose countershaft nuts i decided to attend to mine. yep loose so did the locktite job. now i notice although it probably was already there a strange noise. if i turn the rear wheel ,with the bike up on the stand, very slowly there is a metallic clanging from behind the countershaft nut sort of like a door lock locking. with the sprocket turning at about 1 rev per 3 seconds, it is about 7 clunks per revoultion of the front sprocket. it doesn't matter how slow you turn the rear wheel it is still there until the wheel is barely turning where it dissapears. if the bike is in gear it still does it with the clutch in and i have riden it since tightening the counter shaft nut and it runs fine. also it doesn't seem to be the chain either. any ideas?? possible future problem with gearbox??

Remove the chain.. see if the CS turns freely. If you feel any binding, catches as it turns,, you know you have an issue with the trans.. Most likely a damaged 2nd gear bushing.

Yeah, seems to be the same problem I'm having. I removed the clutch and turned it by hand, there is a grinding noise... getting at it.

I am not there to hear it or see it

but i have heard the little upper chain roller hood fall down and actually touch the chain making a fairly annoying sound at the same rate you mention.BUT I am no genius ..just a slight possibility ..check it..

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