First Ride on CRF450X


I got my 450X on Thursday last week, fitted the sump/hand/rad guards and and installed the JD Jetting kit. I set the suspension as per motorsports-networks recommendations and went out on the bike after running it in on the Dyno.

I ride VERY rocky terrain and my first impression was the bike seemed a little hard. I took 3 clicks of compression out both ends and BAM! The suspension is the best I have ever experienced - Out of the crate it is better than ANY after market kit available for the KTM (which is what I had previously).The bike rides better than any other machine I have owned. It turns so well and inspires so much confidence in the front, has enough low down torque for 4 gear muddy hill climbs and enough power to hoik the front wheel in the first 4 gears.

A truly awesome machine!


I was wondering, (1) what is your weight? and (2) how is the bike's torgue? Because I read everywhere that its much mellower than CRF450R.



I'll agree after riding my 450x the first time, the suspension is a little stiff. I want to wait until everything is thoroughly broken in before adjusting. All in all, the ride does rock, doesn't it.

I made the same suspension mods but only after breaking my bike in and seeing if "I" needed to change anything. The one thing I found after days of test riding was the most critical factor is setting the sag to 100mm or even a lil less. the change in handling from 103mm to 100mm was so huge that it was only until this change did I really start to grin under my helmet, I am 6 1" 190lbs with gear and stock the sag was like 108mm!!! I was washing the front all over the trail and track. now the bike,even though it still a big bike handles like I thought it should the first time I rode it. funny how guys at the track(including myself) hate getting passed by a guy with a headlight on his bike. :naughty:

My45Thumps, how was the X out on the track? Does it handle the bigger jumps ok or does it blow through the travel too quickly? I haven't had the opportunity to take mine to a track yet.

Awesome :naughty::naughty: ..........can say enough good things about mine.........that tiny little button is the best part :D:D

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