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First ride on SLip-on Big GUn exhaust

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Finally got to ride with the new/used Big GUn SLip on.

Didnt notice any real gains with the pip over stock, but havent ridden the stock one for a couple months. Might be because I am not a high RPM rider.

I was pleased with the sound level. It seemed to have a little more growl thatn the stocker, but it was not obnoxious.

Sidenote: This was a exhaust unit for a 02 that I put on my 03. Both tabs were broken off (I got it pretty cheap this way). I had to reweld the rear tab on the cannister for the rear mount. I didnt want to weld another tab on the subframe for the front mount (figured there must be a reason honda moved the tab forward). Instead I took the front clamp that goes around the silencer/headpipe joint, and welded a long nut onto the side of it and just tightened the clamp on the pipe at the stock front mount location.

Overall I think there are better/cheaper ways to gain hp (jd jetting) but I was able to try this cheaply and I do like the extra growl.

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