wr or yzf engines?

Hi all, i'm thinking of getting a 4 stroke but dont know which one to choose between the wr or yzf, does any know how long the engines last in either one

ie how many hours of use between pistons/ring changes and do they last if ridden on the road everyday any help would be great.

the wrf and yzf have the same engine, just different transmissions. the yzf has a close ratio "MX track racing" tranny whereas the wrf has a wide ratio "dual sport-ish" tranny. if you are considering road use you must get the wrf. but before you do that, read the following posts from people that have been there/done that.








jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250

Great thanks for those! As a commute only 10 miles at the most to work a day i guess the wr250 could handle that and i dont use motorways.

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