age old question

I know everyone has asked this question a million times, but I haven't so help me out.

I have been waiting for years for that new 450f to come out from Kawasaki, but now I am leaning toward a new 250f. My last bike was a Husaberg 470, and it was pretty mellow compared to a mx bike. The thing is, I strictly race cross country/hare scrambles. The races are long, and the big four strokes tend to wear me out. Any advice on what to pick. I am not a big guy, 5'8 175 on a good day.

Also, what are the most important mods to get all I can out of the little thumper for outdoor racing.

Suspension and proper gearing would go a long way. To pardon the pun.

You would need the 1.6 radiator cap, proper jetting (stock is way lean on the pilot) and maybe a coolant recovery tank off a kdx if things really get tight or slugging thru mud to save the coolant. The stock tires are not that good on a Mx track but use your judgement there. Stock silencer tends to break the internal perforated pipe. I would pack all rear suspension link bearings with waterproof grease before ever getting the bike dirty including the upper shock bearing.

Suspension and gearing to suit how you ride seems to be a good idea, and jetting. Standard stuff like skidplate and handguards. Do your races require a spark arrestor or have sound limits? Since they are not mx, I bet they do. You may need to get a new silencer. I ride trails and I don't have a coolant bottle or a different radiator cap. The only coolant that seems to come out of my radiators is when I take the cap off to check the level and I drip some on my shoe. It doesn't really seem to run that hot. Maybe the larger 2005 radiators do a lot more than the 04's.

There really isn't any super mods to fix stupid things the factory did, if that is your question. You dont have to disconnect ignition wires and stuff. I just put in a 42 pilot and that was good, and I still need to go richer on the pilot screw.

Where does this "coolant recovery bottle" go on the bike. I have never seen one. Anyone got a picture? Who makes them? Sounds like something I would like to look into. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

yea a coolant recovery bottle would be a great idea

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