Swingarm/Shock Linkage rebuild tips....

OK, so I've sent off the forks and shock to have the RaceTech gold valves installed and while the bike is apart I going to replace all the bearings/seals for the swingarm and shock linkage. The big brown truck arrived Friday with a bunch of stuff including the All Ballz replacement bearing kits. Anyone have any tips for this job to make it go easy? My riding buddy put his bearings in the freezer prior to installation, which obviously shrinks the bearings for an easier fit. Any other tips I should know about? Thanks in advance.


Freezing is a great idea. It fits like a glove

good luck!

I was lucky to have a friend with a bearing press at his workshop but failing that Yes the freezing is a good idea and a large vice can substitute for a bearing press coupled with some righ sized drivers or sockets if you're in a pinch.

socket is easy to use.

Thanks for the replies! I now have all the old bearings/seals out and everything is cleaned up and ready for the new bearings. Rookie, I used the sockets to take the old ones out and it worked fine, just need to get the new ones "cold" and put in. Can hardly wait to get the forks/shock back from the Race Tech guy and try it out this weekend.


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