Picture of a triple

Ok this sounds like a really stupid post but I still need some help. My dad owns a construction company and does my track work for me but hes not exactly knowledgable with the dirtbike jump lingo such as lip or backside or face. Anyway, its hard for me to explain to him how to build stuff with just words, so I need a picture. What Im looking for is a picture of a triple that isnt peaked like a supercross triple but more rounded like something youd find in a rythem section. Preferably something like 6-7 ft high. Maybe something you have at your house or something. Thanks in advance.


this is the triple at one of my dist. 34 races...

i hit this 4th gear taped and i clear it perfect..

note above,, that is not me i will try to get a pic of me hitting it..

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