Making Suspension Harder ??

Hello all.

I was looking to find out how is the best way to make (mainly the front) suspension harder. As i have converted my bike into a supermoto bike the front wheel is touching the white plastic clamp that is half way up the shock under braking.

Is it just a case of replacing the oil with a thicker viscosity oil or is there anything else that is cheap and easy to do?

Thanks in advance.


Heavier springs.

Heavier springs.

I second that, hell I would spring for a complete professinol suppension setup. It's worth the $1,300 bucks. I recomend motopro.

wow thats a lot of cash....

wow thats a lot of cash....

It is by far the best modification you can do to any bike. After the suspension was completed I could run 2 gears faster up jeep rode.

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