Good dirt bike shop in Bay City area Michigan ?

Hi !

I'll be traveling from Quebec to Bay City area on monday for my job. I need to know where there is a good dirt bike shop. I'll be at a Double tree hotel in this area.

We are having our opening ride (Lac Taureau) of the season next week end and I need some parts (Moose or TM or Fredette chain guide for my wr 426), an enduro jacket and whatever will jump in the basket :naughty: .

When people see me in my old Belstaff jacket they tend to offer me money !!!

This Lac Taureau ride is well known to be wet, muddy, cold, and about 80 miles depending on how the trails hold up. Last year there were over 600 participants, 20% Quads and 80% 2 dirt bikes.


I live right here in Bay City, just a couple of miles north of your hotel on S. Huron rd, is Stevens Cycle sales 989-684-9872. They handle Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. Right before you get to them is Bay Cycle, 989-684-0754, they handle Honda only. Good luck on your adventure !!

Forgot to mention that you may be a little dissapointed in the places I mentioned for the things you might be looking for. Theres also a Husky dealer on the corner of M15 and M81, Reinbolds sales, 989-755-0612 or The KTM dealer in Linwood 989-697-4425.

Isnt reinbolds a little further out? Like 81 & 83?

ulmanb......your right! Its on the corner of 81 and 83. Sorry about the mistake......

jeez! i live close to you guys

I live Around Sandusky

P.S. i know this isnt related to the topic :naughty:

Thanks for the infos :naughty:

where do you usually ride? we are normally in the rose city/mio area or st helen area when we ride. We usually post something here when we make plans to ride, others are welcome, we figure the more the merrier.

Any one ride up in and around Lewiston MI

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