Big Gun Exhaust

Hi i have been reading and i was wondering if the Big Gun exhaust has a problem with durability like denting.

Thanks Mark

No ... I own three and love them.

The Big Gun has been great for me. The only complaint is that they do not have a "heat guard" on the header like some others do. I tend to burn my pants on the pipe...

I got one roll of 1 inch exhaust tape (header tape/muffler tape) for all three bikes ... wrapped from the turn in the header back to the kick starter. Works great! Very inexpensive.

Recommend that you Goggle or Yahoo search it for the best price ... I got mine about 1/2 price of the local Honda dealer.

Secure both ends with a pipe clamp (about .75 cents). Bend the free running end back against the motor so you don't hang it on anything.

Let me know if you need help.


I have never owned one myself, but i heard somewhere that they run very hot and melt the baffling in about the first 15 minutes. I'm not sure if this is true or not.

I have 5 bikes all with Big Gun Exhaust and have had no problems. The motors accually run alot cooler due to the cermanic coating.

I just got a Big Gun Evo X. 94db with quiet insert, 102 db without. It came with a full 6 month guarantee plus a guarantee where if you trash it (like in a crash) they will sell you another at 1/2 price.

I just bought a big gun race series have not recieved it yet, hope it was the right decesion...but for $149.00 new I don't think I can loose :naughty:.

The only reason I didnt buy one is because people told me it dented easy.

$150 where did you get that at? and do they make them in the grey can with red end cap for our bikes or do we get the older style chrome with blueish sticker? im pretty derned sure that this pipe is the one im getting just one to check in on some things.

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