New to this and need advice on Big bore kit

All my buddies and I have the bbr 82 kits, I want bigger. Is an 88 kit any faster. Do I need the hipo head?? Which brand and does the clutch live with this power??? Thanks in advance. :naughty:

Go with the trailbikes 88 kit. it will be faster then a 82cc and for less money.

If you are looking to go with an 88kit I have one used. Takegawa R-stage

Yeah go with the trailbikes kit. You don't NEED the race head, but can you really object to more power? If you go with the BB race head kit you should at least get HD springs in your stock clutch. :naughty:

Thanks guys.

Rice, what do you want for your kit?? Does it have the head??

So what is this kit on ebay I am seeing for 399.00 for the 88 with the head?? Is that one anygood?

I think I just answered my own question. So the 399.00 kit on hondatrailbikes is the one I want???

And what about the hi rev boxes, worth the money?? They are cheap enough. Safe?? How much gain.

Thanks again

if you have a big bore... then get the rev box.... definately go with the trail bikes 88cc kit w/ head

that is the 399.00 kit on hondatrailbikes right?????????

another thing, when I get this kit, what gearing do I want. We ride a pretty tight track right now that 2nd is not enough and 3rd cant pull the hills??

yes it is that one and I run one tooth larger up front and it does fine... my best reccomendation is that you try the stock gearing with the new motor, you will now be able to make it up those hills no problem!

make sure you get HD clutch springs though..... or the TB manual cltuch kit..... the clutch kit will change the gearing on its own, making it more usable AND faster.....

pm sent....

ive got the 88 R-stage and it is incredibly fast. i cant compare it to the guys on here with 106/108/110's or whatever size their stroker motors are but when i compare mine to my friends 88 S-stage, no comparison. as for the clutch, you're gonna need at least the springs with the race head. my 50 is about a month old and the clutch was just fine before the kit, well now, if i shift hard into any gear it slips. definately worth it.

where do I get the clutch springs???

Thanks Guys!!!!

The Takegawa 88 R-stage and TrailBikes 88 Racehead are very comparible and probably within about .5hp of each other im sure depending on tuners capabilities. But the Trailbikes is by far the better deal.

Yes, but when it comes time to sell the little extra would go a long way... If you put two bikes together and asked me to buy one and they were the same price but one had the TB and one had the Takegawa setup I would take the R-stage without a doubt.... Ultimately he will make his own decision.

True, but, that is unlikely to happen, being the person who bought the TB kit didnt pay as much, so they can sale for less, and not loose as much, whereas the person saling the R-stage for the same price is loosing more money.

But it is his decision.

yes you are correct somewhat... But an R-stage will bring more... if you got it for around 550 it would actually help his equation.

:naughty::naughty: You lose your ass selling a 50 no matter what kit you have in it.

now there is something we can BOTH agree on... lmao well sorta.. it makes sense in my mind.. lol

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