Help on Michelin rear tire size..

Looking to replace the 756 on my thumper, after reading all of the feedback on th Michelin S-12s. My tire size is 110/90-19. I normally get my tires from Rocky mnt. But they dont show that size. Closest Size is 120/80-19. Michelin seems to offer some strange tire sizes. Will the 120/80-19 be comparable ? They also show a 130/70-19. Just need a little feed back from you guys, its a little confuseing........ :naughty:

michelin 120/80/19 the sidewall is shorter and stiffer but really close in size. great tire !

the 130/80-19 is the roughly the same size as the 110/100-19 dunlop. The 120 is the roughly the same size as the 100 tire.

Tire sizing: 130 is 130mm in width, the 80 indicates that the sidewall is 80% of the width and then of course, 19 is the rim size. The Michilens are a little different in size compared to a standard dunlop or bridgestone. 110=130


Dont ask me why?

Since your running a 450 I would stay with a 130 or if you want some serious bite you could go to the 140 nasty. The 120 will give you seriouse spin.

Thanks guys, I finally went to the Michelin web site, should have done that first. They show a conversion chart to match the size you need. Hopefully this will help someone else..........

I was wondering the same thing about the sizes, I want to order one sometime soon for my 250f

MotoX178 , if your tire size is a 100/90-19, the Michelin equivalent would be a 120/80-19....................The Michelin web site is a little difficult to navigate.

the 110/90-19 is a 130/70-19 in a s12

im confused now. my ms3 has 100-90-19 on it i think.

rmz757, no need to worry. Your MS3s are listed in the correct size per application. if your bike normally took the 100/90-19 and you replaced it with the MS3 in that size , your fine !!!! Its just the S12s or a couple of other Michelin models that have the weird sizing.

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