honda 50 - parting from other bikes?

I am looking into building myself a bad ass 50. I don't want to spend a fortune on this bike like i see some people do so I am looking into just parting together a bike completely using what I can from other bikes. One thing that really caught my eye, is the 50 ktm. There is a 50 pro senior ktm in the paper for $800 near where I am. They are little motocross 50s with a 2 stroke (wee-dee-dee) on it. They have a 32mm marcozzi fork or whatever, a strong swingarm, and a rear shock with 7inch travel on it, and a 12" in the fron and 10" in the back. I thought of just buying that and selling the frame and motor. Then just finding a honda 50 motor, buying a chromoly frame, and getting all the small stuff like the gas tank, plastics, ect. I looked at the price for piecing together a bike with chromoly frame, swingarm, nice fork set up, 88 big bore kit, ect. and i don't want to spend over 2 grand so does this sound feasible? Does anyone know any other quality, stronger parts that will fit on a 50 that come from another bike? Thanks.

-get a stock xr50 (friend just sold one on Ebay for like 650 with a Sano bar kit)

-get an xr70 and pull the forks and swingarm off of it (sale the rest and possibly make your money back on it)

-sale the stock 50 forks and swingarm

-get a TB 88 kit with head & carb (

-get a standard xr/crf50 iShock

-get a set of xr80/xr100 triple clamps and trim the stem down a little bit and weld it or have it welded back together (i have one if your interested :naughty: )

-get a pipe

put your bike together and ride the living piss out of it!

easy as that!!

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