Rode Woodland park yesterday

woodland park or also known as trail 717 was mostly dry. there was some mud and snow in places but otherwise is open enough to ride.

we took Bungledood with us, he is kinda new. you could say we broke him in! i think he had a great time despite a few unplanned dismounts. he is a quick learner and doesnt give up to easy.

all in all we had a great time!

see you all out on the trails!

how much ice at the creek crossings ?

Yes, I was broken more ways than one! Thanks for dragging me along though, hopefully I won't make as many "dismounts" next time.


how much ice at the creek crossings ?

i didnt see any. only ice we dealt with over water was on the part of 717 that you take from woodland park trail head located off of CR25 going to 356 trailhead there is a stream you need to travel a short distance that is actually part of the trail. we had to get off and walk the bikes over it.

Hey guys were the trails rutted up and washed-out with the snow melt?

There was 8" of snow on my deck this morning (I live in Woodland)............should be gone relatively fast this time of year though......

I rode with bungledood the next day at Pueblo. He was a little beat up from the unfortunate dismounts at Woodland Park but he got back in the seat the next day. He did great, no unintentional dismounts. Yep, he is a quick learner will be a good riding buddy.

YEAY for bungledood!!! keep it up buddy. like i told you before i can tell your a fast learner much like myself. we had a good ride with ya.

hey bungle_dood hope you had fun out @woodland park.

my girl and i where going to go be we decided to pack our house but i definitely have the bug this will be the first weekend that i haven't road in a month. bad bad. if you would like took hook up and go ride with me and my bros sometime e-mail me and let me know.we do go to pmi about once every month or so. and then mountain's mainly.

happy trails


02 yzf 426 mine

04 ttr-125l girlfriends.


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