XR650R Mainshaft Threads Stripped

Hello All:

I was replacing the clutch guide bushing with the upgraded bushing on my 2000 XR650R. While removing the staked locknut I must not have unstaked the locknut enough. I used a pneumatic impact wrench to take the locknut off. Unfortunately the last 2-3 threads of the main shaft were damaged. It looks like if I am careful and do it correctly, that I can repair the threads.

After a string of curse words I measured the threads and the main shaft is an M18 with 1.0 mm threads. I went on line and ordered the following:

Metric thread restoring file

Metric Die M18 X 1.0

Nes thread restoring tool

These tools have not arrived yet....

My questions are:

1. Has anyone ever had to repair the first 2-3 threads on the main shaft or similar fine threaded shaft, spindle or stud? If so, any recommendations on tools and/or procedure.

2. For future reference, has anyone developed a better method to unstake this locknut?

Thanks for any good suggestions….


Make sure the nut is in good shape, or just replace it. If the shaft protrudes past the cases, I'd use the threadfile. If the shaft does not stick out past the cases, then you will have to use the die.


Definitely a new nut no questions there... I was also going to use some red lock tight on it as extra insurance.

Any more tips/ideas greatly appreciated.


Good idea with the locktite..... :naughty:

If you are going to Loctite it, then find some green. #290 press fit assist will fill .005" gap and has good shear strength. Harder to find is the #680 which will fill .015" and has a high shear strength. Incredible stuff. Make sure everything is clean first.

You don't intend to take it off again do you? You WILL need an air impact wrench if you do.

Check with your local industrial hardware store.

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