640 Adventure question

I want to enter the world of KTM and am looking at a used '01 640 Adv. My one and only question is how comfortable is the bike when doing a long day or multi-day ride mostly on pavement? I know the gel seat adds some more cushiness to the butt, but does the bike vibrate tons etc. Thanks!

You may want to look for a '03 as they were much improved as far as vibs go. The bike is a great all arounder. Check at ktmtalk and advrider for tons of great info on these bikes.

A big single will vibrate a good bit. Rejetting the carb will help a lot. I guess it is a personal thing on vibration.

There are a few things on the pre 03 models that you should be aware of. One is the bearing replacement. Check out advrider and ktmtalk for lots of details.

Many folk love the adventure for long trips.


I sold my 2002 LC4 Adv. after logging 13000 miles on it. Longest stretch I've done on a single day is 700 miles, but about 4-500 miles I was ready to get off. Padded bicycle short works better then gel seat. You can even wear two pairs of bicycle shorts if you really want to be comfy.

In the beginning the bike would "walk" down the driveway by itself when idling, because of the vibe, but eventually that stops.

For long trips on pavement/highway, you really need to have street tread tires to minimize the vibration.

The LC4 engine vibe smoothes out alot after 6-8000 miles, good valve adjustment and also going to Mobil 1 redcap made it smoother, too.

Thanks for all the tips!

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