anyone swap crf50 forks for sdg forks?

will sdg forks fit on a xr 50? i need to know pronto!! thanks

yes, but they arent worth more than 400$ complete with front wheel and all. you HAVE to use the sdg hub, brake, and rim.

i have no clue but i called them 2 weeks ago with the same question and they said that the stem was longer on a sdg? not sure if he knew what he was talking abotu but i figure there using the xr 70 or 75 stem which you could use a spacer to make fit a 50 ! double check it b 4 you blow your cash!! good luck !!


man that front end went for $700!!! it included a 10 and 12 inch wheel but that is still steep. i need some forks bad, i have already gone throgh two sets of stock lowers and springs. there are no good deals on ebay!

i have a set of hanebrinks i got from a buddy. the right side needs to be sent to hanebrink and redone cus the adjuster came out of the top (thats how i ended up with them). let me know if your intrested in them?

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