Fork Bleeders

Anyone use fork bleeders on there bikes? Are they worth buying or is it better to just unscrew the screw already on the fork? Which one would you get Moose,Motion Pro or are they all just as good? I never thought about air getting into the forks untill I blew a fork seal last year and one of my friends told me that it could be because of that. Thanks for the help. Steve.

You can unscrew the brass scrwes, but they are a pain in the neck to take off because the bars are in the way.

I went to my friends house yesterday and he has them on his CRF450. They're pretty cool. Just press the button and thats it.

Do you know what kind he had?

I don't know what kind. Just get whatever fits your bling status and your budget. Nothing special about them.

Alright thanks.

I use the Pro Motion ones. I bleed them down after every heat. usually not much happening but once and a while I get quite a bit. I have ran about 1 1/2 years on the last seals. Thats riding about an average of once a week for about 2 hours... I just noticed last night the rt. seal dripping on the garage floor. Great timing, I have a National next week at Glen Helen. Not a good place to go with leaky forks... Race Tech here I come.... JOHN

Ok I have a stupid question... What are you bleeding out with these fork bleeders? Is it the oil, or is it just air that could have expanded when it heated up?

Air. The pressure that builds inside can lead to accelerated wear and or blowing of your oil seals.

Ahhh I should probably do that... Where are the little brass screw exactly again? (im about to get my suspension revalved/resprung/rebuilt so I want to maintain it the best I can after that)

in front of the rebound screws.

i have had the Motion Pro bleeders on my forks for at least 4 years now.

2 weeks ago, for some freaky reason, the right one unscrewed on lap 2 of my race and went some place nobody will ever find. now, imagine trying to race sand whoops that are 3-4 feet tall with ONLY one fork leg working. it was no fun at all. i have no idea why it unscrewed, it just did. so, i would advise using one drop of blue loc-tite on the threads of the button before screwing them into the riser.

the riser (which converts from M6 x .8 to 1/8" npt) is a very very very fragile piece. they are quite prone to twisting off or breaking off where they screw into the fork cap.

all in all, i really like the convenience of them, but i now can't say if they are worth it or not.

That is why I wanted to go with the Moose ones because they are not as tall as the Pro Motion ones are, or is it better to have the risers on them? Steve.

you MUST have the risers if you do not want to drill and tap your fork caps. period.

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