TT-R230 Repair Materials

I just brought a TT-R230 about a week ago, and since it was my first bike its been through some damage its first few days when I was learning to ride. So far i've bent the break lever, very very slightly bent the handle bars (the guy said that it wasnt bent enough that I had to repair it) and scratched up the blue bar that's by the engine, along with scratching the front and rear fender. Somehow the front tire and handlebars werent aligned for some reason so I sent it into the shop on Friday and the guy said that he easily fixed that. Hes also putting on a new grip on the right side because since the bike fell on that side it got torn up a little. With that said, can I buy something to touch up the frame? I think that's it because I can just buy new fenders if I really need it, but i'm going to wait a while for that.

Looking at trujeepr's picture of his 230 he just got really made me want to repair mine up some and be somewhat more carefull with it. (His picture is: )

Poor bike... :naughty:

PJ1 makes factory color match frame paints that are around $7 a can. They work pretty good and match the color. Steve.

yep... the pj1 stuff is good.

as far as his bike goes, well it looks like a garage queen. plastic is perfect, no scratches on the right side case. dosn't look ridden much :naughty:

Two posts down he said that he just picked that thing up yesterday for his kid. Mine looked pretty good to the 1st day I had it.

ahh allright. where do I get this paint? can I order it online?

Thanks so much for your help dunlop. :naughty:

Yep any time. Good luck with the bike.

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