Rim upgrade for CRF250R

I would like to upgrade the rims on my bike. I've priced the excels pro series and looks like I would have SEVERAL yards to mow this summer. Anyone tried the D.I.D.'s or Talon's. If I go with the excel can I use my oem hubs with their rims and spokes since this would eliminate the carrier ring sets.

Thanks for any input.

Rim sets are pricy. I believe you can use their spokes on the OEM hub. I havent done this with my 250F, however, we have a CR80 and we used Excel reinforced spokes with the OEM hub.

check out pro wheels they arent as pricey and you can use your stock spokes

www.prowheelracing.com they are great rims and they sell strong spokes that will work on your stock hubs, i put a set on my bike last week and they look sweet and are every bit as strong as any other rims out there :naughty:

I'm in the same boat---decided on excels --& biting the bullet for stainless spokes/nipples but these bikes put out lots of torque & constant attention to spokes is a must & regular spokes aren't holding up for me---

I though the stock honda's come with DID rims??

I beleive that if you go with the excels they use a bigger spoke and you simply have to dill your hub to accept the larger spoke. No biggie.

I though the stock honda's come with DID rims??

They come with low grade DID's.

Just a post to say thanks for all the input. I plan on going ahead with the upgrade and now I have several options.


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