Water in oil? (PROBLEM SOLVED!!!)

Lowedog is still at it!!!! :D:naughty: We installed the breather hose elbow that he made for my 2005 WR450 yesterday. It is a simple mod, but makes a world of difference. I have gotten water in my oil twice just after a light washings. After we installed the elbow in the air box with a little silicon, I gave the bike a nice thorough wash and viola problem solved!!!! Thanks again MarK :naughty::D

I'd be interested in seeing a picture of it if you ever get time. Did you guys just attach an elbow to the inside of the airbox and point it upward? Did you attach a short piece of hose to the elbow to run it up a little higher inside the airbox?


I machined this little part to simply snap into the hole for the breather tube. A little silicone and the opening for the breather is raised about an inch. Doubtfull that enough water from washing would get into the airbox to reach the top of the hole.

:naughty: Lowedog

Sweet! :naughty: Thanks for the pic!

Hey Lowedog, did you keep the settings for the part? on the mill? Is this a new production part that you made a few of? I am interested in taking one off of yor hands cause it looks as clean as the AIS removal kit you made..... thanks in advance for the reply.....


I haven't gone into production as of yet but stay tuned.... :naughty:


lowedog, let us know when you have some.

For the life of me I can't figure out why they would even run the hose low. Why wouldn't you keep it up on the frame somwhere and high into the box... problem solved. Does Yamaha think that know one ever runs through creeks and the likes? Makes me wonder about these engineers... do any of them even ride?

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