Can ya help an old geezer out?

I'm 52 and I really miss riding. Since there's at least a 100 acres right next to me I can ride. I thought what the heck, get a bike. I haven't thrown a leg over a dirt bike in 20 years. My last bike was an early 80's CR 125.

But after looking around I found that bike's have really changed, and so has maintaining them. The days of just changing a plug and the oil are gone.

So, I'm picking up a '05 WR250F on Thursday evening, it seems like it'll be a good woods bike.

I thought I might ask some of you that already ride them for some sugestions.

Other than my riding gear, what things should I get right now while it's still new?

So......what do I really need right off the bat?

What mantinace items should I get? lubes, filters?

What special tools might I need very soon?

What guards should I put on the bike before I tear anything up?

Is there anything I should do this bike while it still new before I have hundreds of miles on it?

I have done some searches here but the goodie list becomes endless.

And asking the dealer doesn't help me, he would like to sell me one of everything in the store.

Thanks in advance.

Any help is appreciated.

Check out Hope you like your bike. Post some pictures of it if you can.

It's always a good idea to fit frame and sumpguards BEFORE you start rubbing off the frame paint.

Mr Yamaha can also be a bit tight with his grease on occasions and, if you have the time, it can be worth checking that the swing arm and steering head (in particular) have sufficient grease.

It's also worth going over the bike to check there are no loose nuts and bolts or fixings.

Some riders go as far as buying cheap aftermarket plastics and keeping the originals to put back on when it comes time to sell.

Same with tyres - it is rare for a new bike to come with tyres that suit your type of going. Perhaps buy what suits you and keep the originals in the garage for resale time.



run some electrical tape behind the frame guards before installing. otherwise, sand and crap will fall in between and rub the paint dull anyway.

oh and make sure you buy some good quality knee guards!

Spark plug tool is one thing you will definately need as far as tools go. I like to use filter skins to lengthen the life of my filter, but thats a personal preference. I think the rest has been mentioned.

Good for you for getting back into a great sport!

Do all the free mods on the FAQ section.

"Worrying must work because 90% of what I worry about never happens."

Keep it simple at first so you can enjoy the bike. Don't do any mods at first. You might like the restricted power depending on how you ride it.

Chopping the throttle stop will produce your biggest gains. Do that first if needed and the other free mods (see link above) as time and interest permit.

Spend all your extra money and spare time on protection for both you and the bike. Helmet/goggles, boots and gloves absolutely indespensible. Kneepads, elbow pads, nose guard strongly recommended. Roost protector, back brace advisable. Camelback advisable but backpack with bladder recommended.

For the bike: Skid plate, handguards, radiator brace a must. Frame guards recommended if you want to keep the paint fresh. Good idea above about the tape. Filter Skins save you time cleaning the air filter.

Keep engine oil, extra oil filters, air filter oil, air filter cleaner (or kerosene), WD 40, cable lube, Chain Wax, and Simple Green or similar, spoke wrench and other basic tools on hand for cleaning and maintenance. A bolt kit comes in handy also. Go to for anything you can't find in the TT store.

Bring the bike to the shop once or twice a year depending on use for valve checks and complete lubing.

If storing for the winter put Stabile in tank and a battery tender on the battery.

Do that and you will be happy and not be wasting time or money.

In your spare time read and learn about the bike and maintenance. I am 47 and started riding again after about 20 years. I'm learning stuff but am not mechanically inclined and so I let the shop do the big work so I have more time to ride.

Give me a shout if you would like to ride in the Poconos.

Enjoy the bike!

im glad you took my advice endo have fun with your new bike!

The things I have for mine are:


Skid Plate

Radioator Guards

I would get the guards, and the necessary tools...

If you ever take the stock baffle out, definately get a silent insert for it... the bike is WAY to loud without it.. I bought my bike without the baffle, went and rode it once.. and my ears were ringing afterwards.. Now I have a ProMotoBillet silent insert, and its down below the 96db limit... taking the stock baffle out allows the bike to breathe, which gives you more power.. I don't notice really any power difference between having and not having the ProMotoBillet silent insert..

just some gas! If your only going to ride the 100acre wood. Just be careful over there. Remember Christopher Robins? Him and POO and Tigger got into some major mishaps. But if you have not rode in 20 ready to be surprised!!!!This ain't your uncle Bob's 4 stroke. Welcome back into the endless joy of riding. As for the add ons.....wait to see what you need after awhile of getting use to it.

You guys are great.

Man, there are some excelent tips here, Lots of stuff I wouldn't have thought of doing or getting. I have a nice list now. Thank you.

I can see I won't get to much ride time the first weekend, I'll be wrenchin on it.

Time well spent though. The bike, and I, will be all the better for it.

Thanks for all the input eveyone. It is GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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