throttle cable installation on xr100 HELP


im working on putting a new throttle cable on my xr100 because the old one broke. i have it all hooked up to the handlebars but i cant get the old throttle cable out of the top that screws onto the carb. can somebody tell me how you do this??? and then how to get the piece onto the new cable.

you cannot take the old cable out of the carb cap. you have to buy a cable that is already installed onto the cap. at least, thats how it is for my 80 which is the same year as your 100.

return your cable, then get one with the carb cap through the tt store

why would they sell me one w/o a carb cap??

its made by parts unlimited and i bought it from dennis kirk.

ok i called dennis kirk and they said it wouldnt fit even though it came up when i went to the parts for 1986 xr100. i cant find the cable on the the tt store. can someone tell me where to get one?

does this place sell nuts and screws that fit the bike too? alot of screws are missing off my bike...

found them

pull the rubber boot back with some needle nose pliers , then push the cable into the carb cap , this should make it come loose

i dont think its possible to get the cap off with out breaking something. i ordered a new cable off ebay that i think will work

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