Sick of snow

Anyone else here in the great white north sick of the snow yet?

I was supposed to ride near Grayling this weekend, but mother nature had another plan.

OH Well! Better that I didn't go. Caught a nasty cold from my son.

Rain, snow or shine, I'm riding next weekend - even if its Gladwin!

Definitely sick of snow :naughty: !!! I had a friend build me a table top and a big ole berm in my side yard yesterday, and now all I can do is stand here and look out the window at it :naughty: . I'm sure the temp will make it to the low 90's by the weekend, this is Michigan you know.

I'm riding next weekend - even if its Gladwin!

Don't do it man! You want to start the spring in a good note, not complaining about that horrid trail.

Don't let the snow stop you from riding...just adds to the excitement!!!! :naughty:

I was going to go to Portland and do a scrambles today but after I saw the snow and the way the wind was blowing I lost interest. I did however get an extra 4 hour nap in and will probobly be up all night now. :naughty:

anyone ridden Gladwin yet?? or should I make the extra 1/2 hour drive to St. Helen or Houghton Lake. I am going for the day on Sunday. Anyone want to join?

Drive the extra 1/2 hr. I rode St Helen Sunday 17th, mostly on the south/west trails. Trails were great-really dry though. When I got close to the Denton system, I ran into an area of the forrest the had recently burned. It was still smoldering and firefighters and equipment were still out there. Should be ok after this weekend's blizzard.

I would be interested in riding this Sunday. When, Where and What time??

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