I finally got it FIXED!!

As some of you know I had problems after installing RHC valves and Hot cam stage 1. Well I did a HUGE amount of taking apart and putting back together, I can do this in my sleep now. Anyway it was NOT my valve job, my leak down test was 4% rock solid, not the carberation, not the hot cam. You see I had not started it since last fall, just tore into it this winter, so all I knew was that last fall it was having trouble starting, so I was thinking time for a valve job. After all the work I could not get it running right, sputtering and back fire, ect. SO, I went back to stock on EVERYTHING. I have a trailtech flywheel and some thought it was that, my contact at my dealer, after hearing all of my exploits said he felt it was the stator, pulse coil. HE WAS RIGHT! I put the stock flywheel and stator in it and it runs! I have a baja designs rewound stator in it and either that went to crap, or the pulse coil attached to it. So I am going to have it tested to see, if it is the rewind, Im going to talk to Baja Designs and see what if anything they will do, cause it is less than a year old. Talk about relief :naughty: Now I have to put the hot cam back in and go on from there. Thanks for all the help guys, I am happy to know it was nothing that I had done, just one of those darn electrical problems that are SOOO much a pain in the Butt. My son can now ride again... :naughty:

i still say it was the flywheel.

Im with Burned...

Take a poll. I bet there are 20+ Trail Tech flywheel failures on this board alone.

Im with Burned...

Take a poll. I bet there are 20+ Trail Tech flywheel failures on this board alone.

Yea it took 3 tries till I got one that worked---and TrailTech was GREAT about it. Nice outfit.

But I thought they got that straightened out almost two years ago. :naughty: RR.

I will investigate the flywheel, but it had been running on the bike for a year with no problems, as I understand it the flywheel issue is from right out of the box, I will check it once I get everything buttoned up. :naughty:

Just curious....

How could a flywheel be bad? Isn't it just a "chunk of metal" so to speak?

Do some come out of balance or something?

On the flywheel there are three things that need to be "phased" properly in relation to each other, the keyway, the magnet and the little bump that fires that outer trigger coil.

The early run of TT flywheels had the magnets slip and move because the adhesive let go---throwing things out of time.

Also the second unit I got had the timing bump about 3 or 4 degrees advanced---not good. RR.

yep it is the flywheel,

you changed to many things at once to say either way on the stater,

i just ran into another bad trailtech at the track this weekend on a 450,

this thing was shooting ducks.

sad we have to put up with stuff like this , but thats just the nature of the aftermarket beast .

as I understand it the flywheel issue is from right out of the box

If I remember the ones that had the bad magnet adhesive ran fine for a while until the adhesive broke down and allowed the magnet to move.

The bad adhesive was red-----reminded me of red RTV. Might want to take a peek. RR.

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