Is this fork combo good or junk?

yes it will be perfect

The +1" fork legs with heavy springs are way better then the stockers. If you use the heavy springs with the +1" legs you get more than 1" of lift in the front, which is good.

check out the sikk mx fork kit.. $500 for 12" front wheel, hub w/ disk brake, forks, tripple clamp, bars..... GREAT deal

oh wow.... that kit is a pretty good deal too!

I wouldnt waste my money on 50 caliber stuff.

whats wrong with it?

50caliber forks are straight up copys, dont support thieves. oh and there 50caliber ishock is crappier that the REAL ishocks and those things arent that impressive lol

Ive never heard anything good about RC's parts (besides that they are cheap lol)

"You get what you pay for" with the suspension with these bikes. Save a little more money and get bbr sp5s if you really want a real fork kit.

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