Metal Shavings In Oil Filter And A Clutch Queation

2001 Wr 250f..... This Oil Change Noticed More Shavings Than Normal. Not Bigger Just More. Shoild I Be Alarmed?? Next Question.. Wy Bike Is Equipped With What Mechanics Refer To As A Slip Clutch. You Can Start The Bike While In Gear, But Still Use The Clutch If You Want. The Clutch And Gearing Works Fine On The Longer, More Spaced Out Tracks, But I Have A Hesitation And A Slight Grindind When Trying To Shift Up Quickly For Jumps That Are Quick Out Of A Burm. On These Occasions 2nd Is Too Low And 3rd Doesn't Catch Quick Enough. I Know The Wr Is Not A True Motocross Bike But It Performs Well When The Jumps Are Spaced Out More And I Can Gear Up Or Down With Plenty Of Time. Its The Quick Power In 3rd Gear That I'm Missing. Can Yall Help Me Out With These Problems?? Thanks Don Sorrells

Come On! Someone Help Me Out With This. I Thought I Would At Least Already Heard From The Wrooster...

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