DR650 Rear Spring Pre-Load

What's the proper way to adjust the rear spring pre-load.

I bought my'01 used from a big guy >250 and the rear spring adjusters are cranked down max.

I probably weigh about 200 with all gear on.

I beleive you want 20% suspension sag when you sit on the bike. Or 2-3 inches of sag. I've heard the rear end can get wallowie and mooshy feeling if you adjust it to soft. I bought mine with the spring adj. maxed out and I backed the threaded collars off about 3/4 of an inch and that feels pretty good for me. I average around 230 lbs. fully loaded during the peak of riding season.

I'll usually do my adjustment and then go ride the knarliest trail that I normally ride on, if you bottom out once or twice while riding hard, that means your suspension is set correctly and your using your full range of travel. Don't worry because there are bottom out bumpers that prevent damage, but if your bottoming hard and often crank the pressure up a 1/4 inch until your suspension acts as mentioned above. Kind of a pain to set up but once you have it right...your done forever. (Until you upgrade that is!) hope this helps.

Thanks for the help...

I adjusted based on the sag guidelines this morning. I take it for a spin this afternoon and let you know how it is.

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