Any other wheels?

Just wondering if any other bikes wheels would work for the DRZ. I have an '01 E. Thanks in advance...

One of the RM model's front wheel works, but I can't remember the year. Maybe the 96-98 RM250 since I thnk that's the front fork that works. Don't know of any rear wheels that work.

21 inch RM 125 rims work too, but don't have the speedo drive thingy. I bought one on ebay and it even says "DOT" on it. It ended up having a bent outer ring, and since I would be using it on my S and on the street I decided not to use it. I went to the darkside instead. If anyone is looking for one I'd sell it for what I paid for plus actual shipping. $35.00 plus ship. The guy I got it from charged me $25.00 to ship and it only cost $12.00 he was a horse's :naughty: and did not return my emails. It comes with a disk,an Axle, and two spacers that I did not try.

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