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Jetting 250x Need advice

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I have a Ca. model with the air box cut on top. Currently running a JD kit, 158 main, red needle 5th position down from top and fuel screw 2 1/2 turns out. This has gotten rid of almost all of my bog, and it was real bad, but sometimes I still have it. I have turned the fuel screw in/out and 2 1/2 seems to be the best setting. I have a 55 leak jet on order and was wondering if going to a 42 pilot jet would be a good thing to do now while I'm in there or should I just do the leak jet now and see what happens. Most of my riding is 1500' to 3500' elevation. Any advice is welcome. I have done the jetting so far, but do not know that much about it.

Thanks Mike

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