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Red River Ride Report w/pics... yesterday

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I'm the president of a sportbike club with about 1200 members - and there is a subset of us that dirt ride. Most of us aren't that good.. but man do we have fun :naughty:

We are based in Dallas Texas and one of our favorite places to ride is "Red River Offroad Park", also known as "Muenster" (named after the town 13 miles south of it) and it is about 2500 acres on the south edge of the Red River between Texas and Oklahoma (you can play/ride right on the red river basin itself as part of the park - pretty cool).

Here's some pics from Yesterday. I'm the bald guy on the WR and my girlfriend is in blue on the KTM.




What a fantastic day!

Dave "Lets make our own trails" Calligan

Andy "That isn't stuck, THIS is stuck" Calligan

Scott "Toolz Man" Whitman

Faisil Kamakasi Kahn (here forth known as KAHNAKASI :p )

Amber "A little pain never hurt anyone (?)" Terry

Geek "HOLY woohoo HECK!" Walker

The Gang up on a hill overlooking the red river:


LtoR: Amber, Geek, Scott, Andy, Faisil - Dave taking pic.

Amber & I were a bit late getting there


(doh! overslept) but we made up for it by riding until 7:30pm. Faisil was the energizer of the day as he got there an hour or two before us and stayed until the end.

The general theme of the day was Dave leading, Scott and Andy in hot pursuit and Amber, Faisil and I taking turns crashing and binning in squid-tastic fashion :naughty: Amber was doing battle with her sprained thumb from Oak Hill - but she was still faster than me :D

Right off the go Dave headed for the biggest baddest hill he could find. After some grunting and pushing we all made it up. Time for a pit stop at the top to catch our breath :D


Overall, Red River was a bit dusty and dry, but if you looked in the right places you could find some mud :D Scott bored his way through some mudd and dredged it out so when Andy hit he got stuck.. & stuck good! Notice the bike is "ankle high"


Here's father & son.. Dave & Andy pondering the best way to unstuck it..


Around 4:30 Dave, Andy & Scott had to head back to the city. That left the 3 supersquids to their own device. Kahnakasi took the lead and proceeded to lead us in circles (usually doing the nastiest shit he could find over and over :D ).

The big thing is photos simply do NOT show the scale of vertical drop and climbs. The hills we crashed on were STEEP. I attempted to demonstrate how steep with this photo...

MY LEG IS HORIZONTAL! See if you can make sense - my leg on the right edge of the image is horizontal - it looks like my heal is in the air but its the HILL that drops away (and that's Faisil helping Amber get her arse outta a tree she just crashed into)


Amber doing her best impression of Faisil after wiping out on a very steep descent


Another one you cannot judge the vertical on. KAHNAKASI was going up and lost momentum and fell off (and yes, hit a tree). Here he's backing it down for another run at it:


So Faisil goes wailing up the hill and disappears. We can hear him stuck and wailing on it. After a few minutes I decide to walk up and see if I can help. I find Kahnakasi.. but where is his bike?


Hmmm.. what is that in his hand? I round the corner and all is revealed:


As you get more tired.. you tend to find yourself stuck in funnier prediciments as your fatigue gets the best of you. Here Amber manages to actually back down a hill and into a tree. At least it was nice and shaded! :cry:


All in all a PERFECT day!

Faisil, Amber & I have set a goal for ourselves - to compete in our first Enduro the 2nd week of May (eek!). Dave, Andy and Scott are Enduro vetrains and will also be there.

Glamor shots of my new ride: :D







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Great shots. I went there twice back in the winter. Once the weekend after Thanksgiving and then the weekend after New Years. My 450 isn't geared for the tight trails so I mainly stay out in the open. When we go we get there on a Friday evening and stay the whole weekend. Our main reason for going is just to camp out and get drunk.

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We go there all the time, well every few weeks. Anyway we were there this sunday. Its the best place in N.Texas. My son (13yrs) and I ran the whole thing. From one side to the other through ALL the trails.

Here is a Pic of the wife on her quad


Son #1 crusing in the sand


My little one and I


My little one who got stuck in a big rut and slipped off the back of the bike


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Good report. Muenster is awesome. I was going to go on Sunday, but went to Murray instead cause I'd never been up there before - not worth the drive. Muenster is way better.

What's the sport bike club info? I'm in Dallas, ride an SV(at least, until the DRZ is legal)

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