Using the clutch and rear brake on turns

I have heard of people using the clutch and rear brake on turns and i would like to know when you would use these when turning on a crf230. I always just let the back end slide around a turn but I would like to know if there was a way to take turns faster.

For most of my turns it has become second nature to pull in the clutch once my braking needs are above feathering. I even do it sometimes when the engine is off and im coasting down paved roads. I'm not the fastest guy around though so ther'll probaby be someone else here that can help you more.

i just get in about 3rd and use my front brake to slow down enough then start leaning and accelerate through the apex (just not too hard or you'll be on your butt)

When I had my 230, I would just give that thing all it had. The 230 doesnt have enough pep to just rev it half way into a turn to slide you out. I just went really fast into it, feathered the front brake a little to get a comfortable speed. Approached the turn like normal, then about 1/3 of the way through shift your body weight to kick the back out and turn the front wheel to keep the bike balanced throug the turn. Check out these pics:

You can see how my left leg is back while my right is on the peg, I've seen a picture of Bubba doing the same thing!

Clutch and brakes = slow turns.

Do all your breaking before the turn, accelerate through the turn.

Let’s take this step by step:

Feet on the pegs. Weight the outside peg. Start out slow, then work your way up to speed.

1. As you approach the turn elbows UP! No slacking here. Keep head over bars

bike goes where head goes. So no looking down or backwards.

2. Enter the turn push down with the ball of your foot on the peg. Like you are trying to push away from the berm or turn. (This works on flat turns too) This also moves the center of gravity to a lower position.

3.Push outside knee into tank - This stabilizes you and helps drive the bike to the other direction.

4.Roll on gas, exit turn.

Do what is comfortable for you. But the secret to faster turns is to accelerate through them, to do that you have to feel confident. Proper body position weight on the pegs and driving your knee into the bike will give you that confidence. It feels odd at first but give it a try and let us know how it works. Remember start slow and buy the end of the day you will be as fast as anyone.

I like to use the front brake because it makes it easier to get up on the gas tank. Once you have your body forward you can almost just point the bike where you want it and forget about the back tire (whether it hooks up or not you can stay in control). On my YZF I get my braking done quick (it takes practice to learn just how fast you can stop) then lean the bike over and get forward. Once im into the turn far enough that the bike is starting to rail I let it rip. On my friends 230 I would feather the clutch to get more power comming out of the turns.

One thing that you can always use to your convienience is bump starting. If you to kill the bike in a turn pull the clutch in, downshift a bunch real quick, and dump the clutch for a second and pull it right back. 9 times out of 10 you can start your bike fast that way if you lose it in a turn.

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