GPR Stabilizer Questions

I just installed a V3 GPR steering stabilizer on my Yamaha 05 WR450. This is my first steering stabilizer so I have no experiences to compare it to. After riding the bike for the first time yesterday in a desert terrain after having installed the unit I have a few questions:

1. Should there be a significant difference between the first setting and the last setting? In the case of the V3 this would be between setting 1 and setting 8. There seemed to be very little change in resistance between the first and last settings. At the first setting there was a considerable amount of damping resistance present. I would have thought that there would be almost zero noticeable resistance at the first setting.

2. Is there a good amount of learning curve/adjustment period when using a steering stabilizer for the first time? To be honest I didn't see any benefit at all from the addition of the unit after my first ride. I was riding an area with significant whoop sections, sandy areas, and rocky straight-aways and had to fight the bike the whole time to keep it upright and going straight. This was with the stabilizer at the 1st and 2nd settings. After a few miles I was completely worn out from fighting the bike and called it a day.

I don't know if it was me or the stabilizer but I wasn't at all pleased with the performance of the unit. I'm no newbie at motorcycles as I have been riding dirt bikes and quads for 8+ years, but this is the first time I have used a steering stabilizer on any machine. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


There should be a huge difference between 1 and 8. 1 should only offer slight resistence while on 8 you can barely move the handlebars. I have a V2 which has adustment 1 to 6 but we just installed a V3 on my buddies bike and it has adjustment 1 to 8 but really isn't any different. 6 on mine is the same as 8 on his. I usually run mine between 2-1/2 and 3-1/2. On the V3 that is about the same as between 3 and 4.

Seems like your stabilizor is a lemon.Send it back for a new one.

Seems like your stabilizor is a lemon.Send it back for a new one.

Yes, Sir. It is. DEEE-fective. :naughty:

The trick with stabilizers it that you just have to trust that they are doing their job & relax your grip on the bars (once its set up properly). This will become natural after you ride with it a few times. Adjust the damping to where you can just feel it while you're riding & back it off. Sounds like you got a bad one. GPR does make a quality unit. Once you get it working, you'll never ride without one again!

IMO I like the Scotts. You can fine tune them a little better for diffient types of riding. But they do require a little more setup.

My GPR sold me on stabilizers for LIFE. You just got a bad unit.

Even happaens to Mercedes.

Same reply as everyone above... But I want to add two things... I've got the V1 and it's a 1-6 setting. I typically run mine around 4.

2nd, 99% of the time I don't even know it's there. But when you do notice it the most is when you hop on someones bike that doesn't have one!!! I HATE riding bikes without them now, it's scary!!!

Try topping your bike out without one and tell me you think it's doing nothing. Ahh headshake = crashing = hurts

As stated above..8 should be hardest to move and 1 should be easy to move. The guys at GPR are real nice and I have met a fewof them at races. They will change oil at races for free if they are at WORCS. You might be able to catch them at a nearby race. Call them and ask if they might be in your area. Explain the problem(preferable with the GPR and bike right next to you) They may even be able to get it right over the phone. I usually run mine at 1 when I don't want to have much affect and go as hard as 3 when it is real nasty. I have an older model that only goes to 6. I'd bet they would get it right for you if you called them. Don't have the number right with me though. Good luck and you will love the unit. I have never heard of this problem. I know with the Scotts you could twist the knob too far and it could cause problems but the GPR you can twist around as many times as you want and it doesn't matter. You can even mess around with different types of weight of oil if you want to fine tune it. It had a great manual with it as I recall.


i believe you spoke w/ randy today down at the shop. get that damper back to us and we'll inspect, repair and/or replace the damper for you if indeed there is something defective w/ that particular unit. let me know if you have any additional questions


Thanks for the responses guys, especially Joey. Of all the reps at GPR I have ever had contact with he is by far the best and provides great customer service. After I spoke to Randy at GPR I realized I left in the steering stem washer which should be left out when installing the V3 (if left in place it will raise the height of the low profile steering stem nut causing it to rub against the stabilizer and affect movement). The instructions don't specify this but I suppose I should have figured it out on my own. Anyways, after I pulled out the washer the problem appears to have disappeared and the bars move much more freely now.

Thank you for all the help and be sure to contact Joey (theswindler) if you are in the market for a GPR.


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